electrical fire rewire


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electrical fire rewire

We just bought a house that has had a small electrical fire. I plan on calling an electrician to do the work but im looking to get a little more information before I go that route.

The wall has been exposed where the fire has started. Im assuming partially due to the fire itself and when the fire department came and inspected. It took place on a step landing going to the second story.

Will I just need that line rewired? Im not sure of code but i was told that I can still have the older wiring as long as its in good condition. Obviously some of it is not. Would i need the whole house rewired? and at a rough guess how much is that going to cost?
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Wires do not conduct fire. But the wire metal will conduct heat a short distance beyond where things in general were burned.

Remove the jacket (sheath) from the affected cables until you no longer see blistering or melting or deformation of the insulation of any of the wires inside. Then snip off another half foot. You will have to bust open the wall further along the edges of the fire location as needed.

You can now splice on replacement cables to bridge the gaps in the cable routings through the fire location (with a junction box at each splicing location).

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