ground question for wiring bare bulb light in basement


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ground question for wiring bare bulb light in basement


I am putting some new bare bulb lights in unfinished area of basement (2 of them daisy chained together connected to a single wall switch).

I was going to mount those blue plastic outlet boxes and attach a porcelain bare bulb base to each box.

My question is-what am I supposed to do with the ground wire? The porcelain bulb base only has a hot and neutral terminal screw and obviously the blue plastic box has no ground screw.

Does this set up need to be grounded? If not-what do I physically do with the ground wire in this set up?

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Do you mean the round electrical boxes. The ground at the last box is just coiled up neatly and left unconnected. In the preceding boxes it is connected to the ground to the next box.
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Do not cut the ground wires short. Even though you are not using them coil them tightly and tuck them up into the box in case they are needed in the future. You also need to connect the ground wires together in the middle box so you have a continuous ground all the way to the end of the run even though it is not being used. That is so if someone attaches a fixture to the end in the future the ground is available.
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Yes-I will be using the round blue plastic fixture boxes and attaching the bulb base directly to that.

Anyway-thanks-I will connect grounds together in middle box and then leave ground wire coiled and unconnected at final box

Thank you for prompt replies!

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