Need help with switch problem


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Need help with switch problem

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I have a light w/ switch and 2 outlets in a room. I have the hooked up exactly like the attached picture shows. When the switch is off, the outlets work properly and the light is off. When I turn it on, the light fixture turns on but the 2 outlets go off. I've triple checked my wiring but can not find issue. Would anyone be able to tell me where the problem would be? Please let me know if you have any questions or want pictures. Thank you for any help!

Edit: the switch should only be controlling the light fixture, the 2 outlets should always be hot.
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You diagram is correct so most likely it is you wiring at the light. Your diagram is correct so please check your wiring there again. If you still don't see it post pictures of your wiring at the light.

Be sure at the light:
  • Black of power in connected to white of switch loop and black of power out to receptacles.
  • White of power in to white of light and white of power out to receptacle.
  • Black of light to switch loop only.
There should be no other connections at these three junctions.
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Welcome to the forums!

Sorry to say, but you need to check it again. The diagram is correct. I would suspect you have a wire mixed up going to the switch.
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Thank you both for your help, I will double check my wiring; if all else fails pictures will be coming lol.

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