Basic Phone Wiring Advice Sought

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Basic Phone Wiring Advice Sought

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Would appreciate some help with my phone wiring. I had a DSL install and have a bad signal. I didnít have as much time to explore this morning as Iíd like, but what it appears from a quick check is I have 4 sets of cables (4 phone wires in each) coming into the house from the same point. I want to validate this tonight, but I believe all 4 are coming from the phone company box at the side of my house, as they all seem to be coming from the same point.

It looks like whoever wired my phone lines then connected all the red wires and green wires from the incoming, and connected 5 more sets of green and red wires that lead to the jacks in my house to that same point Ė so I have 9 red wires and 9 green wires all twisted together (merging the incoming to the outgoing). Is this an acceptable method to wire all my outlets? I do want to validate that the 4 are incoming, but it appears so with a quick check.

I donít have a second line and have no plans to, so I am not bothered by the yellow and black not being wired.

I run a dry loop, so I actually only need one active outlet, and I need a strong signal at that point for my DS. I was wondering, in theory, if I just connected that one outlet, if that would improve my signal strength. I think with a little testing I can identify which wire leads to the jack my modem is plugged into.

Thanks for the help!
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What you really need for good DSL connection is a good signal-to-noise ratio. That means the connection speed will improve if you either increase the signal or decrease the noise on the line. Disconnecting all of that additional unused phone cable will probably decrease the noise on the line, thus improving your connection.

There are a variety of phone splice connectors you can pick up at the big box stores these days. The twist and tape method is okay, but a mechanical, punch or crimp connector will be better. Example: Ideal Yellow IDC Connectors (25-Pack)-85-950 at The Home Depot
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The fact that all of the red wires are tied together and all of the green wires are tied together is correct. What counts is having a good electrical connection at the junction point.

Soldering is best. Next best is some kind of compression such as wire nuts or crimp rings. Simple twisting with or without tape is usually not good enough.

Lots of lengthy additional runs octopussing off from the junction point can cause some signal loss but no greater than a cumulatively longer main line run to a one and only phone jack. This causes a "capacitance loss" where phantom voltage deducts from the amount of signal at the destination.

No additional voltage drop due to load occurs on the "main" line due to the existence of side branches where nothing is plugged in. But voltage drop can occur on a long line to the phone jack that is being used. The REN or ringer equivalence number for each phone or answering machine or other device affects to the number and type of devices that can be plugged in whether or not being used. Problems start showing up in the form of ringing not happening on an incoming call; the telephone bell draws the most current in a telephone circuit. The sum of RENs allowable varies with the total line length and is the same whether each device has its own phone jack or one device is daisy chaned with another device. The phone company gives you a maximum REN number for the run from the phone exchange to your house (or from the fiber optic to copper converter on the utility pole to your house if you have FIOS or similar service).

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Your modem shouldn`t be part of that joint.
Which company are you with?
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Thanks for the advice. My ISP said wait a couple days before doing anything, and they will see if they can improve things from their end.

If not, maybe I will try a direct line to the jack its plugged into.

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