Main service panel on outside . .


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Main service panel on outside . .

I have a 400A meter box along with 2-200A main boxes outside my new home. The 200A boxes are my disconnect point and have only 8 spaces. I use it just for the HVAC and to feed the two inside 100A boxes. I am finially ready for my final electrical inspection and to have the power turned on. I believe I am right here, BUT . . since these outside boxes are my"first" boxes and are considered my point of disconnect,should I have 200A panel ground bonding screws attached and run the two inside 100A panel floating? I am sure the answer is yes, but wanted to run this by you. Thanks
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Floating isn't exactly the correct terminology but if you have four wires to each and have the ground bonded and neutral isolated that is correct.
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The ground and neutral bond should either be in each of the 200A panels or sometimes in the 400A meter base. Depends on the local code and power company policy. You should check with the inspector on this one for how it is supposed to be done in your area. In either case, the interior 100A panel(s) must have separate neutral and ground.
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I have always read and called it a floating neutral, isolated same thing.

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