Replacing fixtures with existing NM wire


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Replacing fixtures with existing NM wire

Hello and thank you for any advice in advance. We have resided in our townhouse for over 20 years ( built in 79). Over the years we have gone through light bulbs like crazy. Lights flickering, outlets and fixtures sparking on occasion, etc, you name it. We had 2 electricians as well as the the power company come out over the years due to electrical issues as well as ridiculous electric bills and they have had no explanation. I recently decided to swap out some older fixtures and came across the whole NM NM-B wire issue when I noticed that all of the new flush mount fixtures were all rated for 90c min NM-B wiring. We of course have NM wiring rated for 60c. Luckily we do have copper and not aluminum so that is a plus. As a work around I opted to install integrated LED fixtures as I have heard LED's operate with minimal heat in comparison. None of the flush mounts noted a requirement for 90c wiring that I could find. One HALO integrated LED downlight for a recessed can does however list the 90c requirement. So I have a couple of questions and any advice is greatly appreciated. The first being, how hot do integrated LED fixtures get that they would need the 90c rating. And second, could all of our prior electrical issues be related to the 60 NM wire. In one fixture in particular that we replaced, the white wire was brown and the sheath had almost completely disintegrated off the wire.
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The insulation rating would have nothing to due with high bills.

The -B insulation has a higher rating to prevent the damage you are seeing where the insulation discolors and falls off.

Slip some heat shrink over the wires to repair the damage. Use the correct colors when you do this.

If the instructions call for 90 degree wiring that is what needs to be used. The code calls for the instructions to be followed.
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Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately the position of the fixture does not allow for an 18 inch junction jump to switch out the old nm to nm-b without tearing out the kitchen ceiling. I was hoping the led would be an easier solution and was a little surprised to see the 90c requirement. One of the main selling points of led is a much cooler operation in addition to the savings. I am thinking that since this specific manufacture makes halogen, LED, and incandescent cans that the specs are probably a blanket clause written in all of the application manuals covering all of their fixtures. I will look into other options in regards to specific lighting. As far as the wire goes on the other old nm that was degraded at the other junction, I was able to strip it back a ways so I should be good there. Thanks again for your time.

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