crimping 6 awg lugs to stranded copper cables


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crimping 6 awg lugs to stranded copper cables

I broke off the ring terminal at the end of the garden tractor battery ground wire. I purchased a GB [Gardner Bender] 6 AWG heavy duty lug and it fits over the cable. Now I need to crimp the lug to the cable. GB says I should crimp with a GB GRP-26. I cannot find one at the local big box store or in the GB online catalog. The crimpers available online may not be large enough to crimp 6 AWG as there is nothing in the description that indicates how large a lug it will crimp [see ]URREA 9-1/2 in. Long Rubber Grip Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers With Terminal Crimper-208G - The Home Depot. The supplier is a 60 mile round trip. What can I use to crimp this lug onto the cable without buying a $32 tool and driving for an hour?
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Can you call a local electrian and ask if they will crimp it? Not all have crimpers so it might take a few phone calls.
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If it fits snugly I might try soldering it on. The Home Depot I use to work for had crimpers for making up wire rope loops for customers. They might work and they'd probably let you use them. Same goes for hardware stores.
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That hand crimp tool won't crimp much larger than #10 wire and that's pushing it.

You need a hammer crimping tool. They are available at most big box stores, Harbor Freight, Sears, and some auto parts stores. The tool should run 8-12$.

I have several and they work great for those type lugs.

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I have crimped several different ways.

1. There is soldering like Ray2047 mentioned. For something like that I would not even try a soldering iron and would go right for a torch.

2. I have a good, commercial quality shop vice that can generate a surprising clamping force. Holding a large nail or steel rod between the lug and vice jaws does a pretty good job and it's easy to control the amount of crimp applied.

3. I'm lucky enough to have a 5 ton manual and 40 ton hydraulic press. The hydraulic will crimp about anything but I have to be careful and be gentle as you can go to far and crimp the lug completely in half. A local machine shop might "kiss" it for you in their press.

4. With a helper I've held the wire & lug in place on an anvil and held a steel rod across the lug. Then have someone hit the steel bar with a 3-5 pound mallet.

5. Now that I see the crimper that PJmax posted I've got to get one for myself. It looks easier than many of the ghetto methods I've used.
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Dane I've used those hammer crimpers for years. It's a simple one man job and a very repeatable and effective crimp.
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A hand-held crimper worked

My son brought his hand-held crimper and did a great job crimping the lug to the ground wire. I did not think that his crimper would work but since I had 2 6AWG lugs we thought it was worth a try. It worked great.

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