Air Handler Wiring


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Air Handler Wiring


Have run 2ea 6/2 copper for 2ea 3 ton air handlers for our new addition.

About to put up the drywall behind what will be the "stands" for the handlers and now am wondering:

What type of box or clamp do I need to feed the wire through the drywall. Just cutting a hole and running through seems wrong, and know I can't cut the wire and should be a "Pass through" directly to the handler.

Any insights would be much appreciated on how going directly from the breakers to the handler through drywall would be proper....Can't find it in our specs for online building codes.


Volusia County Florida
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Nothing is needed when the cable passes through the drywall.
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6-2 to air handlers is big. Do these have electric reheat coils in them ?
If the air handlers don't have service disconnects then you will need to supply your own.
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Have run 2ea 6/2 copper for 2ea 3 ton air handlers for our new addition.
It sounds as if you have 10 KW electric heat in each airhandler (assuming 1 - 6-2 NM-B cable to each airhandler). Generally the cable must be protected, steel flexible metal conduit is pretty common in an installation like this. The transition to the flex can be at a disconnect switch (if the airhandler has no circuit breaker disconnects from the factory) or a junction box surface mounted on the wall.

If you meant 2 cables to each airhandler you probably have 20 KW heat in each.

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