Newbie could use some help


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Newbie could use some help

Hi Guys, I am new here and could use a hand figuring something out.

I had a carpenter wall in my shop that was already wired. The desired outcome for the electrical was to have three 110 outlets in the ceiling to plug my shop lights into.

What I had originally were two switches, one by each door that controlled two light fixtures in the ceiling.

Prior to the carpenter, I had already converted the light fixture on the end of the run to a receptacle. I asked him to turn the other light fixture into a receptacle on the same circuit and add a third receptacle for the third light.

He removed the light fixture and left the wires (two hot, two neutral, two ground) hanging from the box for the receptacle. He put in a new third box for a new third receptacle and laid a piece of 14/2 across the span from box to box, unconnected to anything as yet.

The issue is that no matter how I connect the wires to the new plug, I cannot get the switch to work. The existing light comes on when I turn on the breaker and the switch doesn’t work. If I leave the receptacle out and just wire nut the old wires, the one light and the switch work.

Can someone please give me some advise here (other than hire an electrician) This shouldn’t be as hard as it is turning out to be.


Roger Wilkerson
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Welcome, can you tell us the colors and number of cables and wires and how they are connected to the switches and at the ceiling boxes?
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It is regular 14/2 wire, at the existing light has one black one white and a ground. At the middle box where there is no receptacle there are two black, two white and two grounds.

The existing light functions fine when I take the outlet out of the loop and tie the black to black and white to white.

The connections are standard hot side, neutral side, ground
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Tell us about the wires at the switch box.

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