Electrical newb looking for help wiring up relay


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Electrical newb looking for help wiring up relay

I'm trying to wire up an illuminated ignition ring in a car. What I want is for the ring to light up with a signal from either the dome light or possibly the brake lights (so it lights up when I hit the brake pedal), but the problem is that I want it to stay off once the car is running. My experience with electrical systems is limited, but below is the idea I came up with. Please let me know if this would work.

30 - constant 12v
85 - coil ground hooked up to ignition ground
86 - coil 12v hooked up to dome or brake light positive
87 - switched 12v hooked up to ignition ring light positive

In this setup, I'm assuming that the ignition coil ground will see 12v with the ignition running. Is that correct or will it still be a ground signal? As you can see I really don't know much about electrical systems. I need help.
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Welcome to the forums.

illuminated ignition ring
Is this one of those very light draw LED rings ?
Thru the clever use of diodes.... you may not even need a relay.

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