Halogen to Fluorescent conversion?


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I have a halogen torchiere that was given to me by a friend. Since the bulb is too hot, I would like to replace it with a fluorescent, but I have not found any instructions. If I use a standard lamp socket, can I just rip out the halogen part, twist the wires to the appropriate places, and then screw in a standard socket fluorescent bulb? (The type that are meant to replace incandescent bulbs.)

Has anyone else tried this, and if so, how well did it work? The lamp is about 65" high, has a 13" diameter round reflector into which the halogen fixture (type "J" Maximum 300 watts) is mounted. The switch is a dimmer style, which I suppose would have to be replaced too, since fluorescents don't work well with dimmers. The reflector is adjustable 90 degrees on one side to 90 degrees on the other, and the lamp has a second adjustable section of two tubes which is approximately 15 inches and can also be adjusted to nearly 90 degrees on either side, making the lamp very nice for reading as well as lighting a room.

As far as I can tell, the wiring and the hardware is the only part I can keep, but since it was free, I think I still would have a bargain. Any suggestions?

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the fluoresant would need a "ballast" which the halogen does not have...

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The NEC more or less says if you want a hologen light buy a halogen light fixture, if you want a flourescent light buy a flourescent light fixture. I don't think you will find manufacturer's recommendations suggesting how to convert halogen to flourscent using the same fixture.

Hope this helps

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Originally posted by Wgoodrich
I don't think you will find manufacturer's recommendations suggesting how to convert halogen to flourscent using the same fixture.
I don't think that really answers the question. I just want to know if it's been done and how, or printed up someplace, and I'm not looking for a manufacturer's recommendation. Obviously the manufacturer wouldn't want to incur any liability by recommending something that a consumer might botch. I guess I can just make an incandescent lamp out of it and put in one of the compact fluorescents instead of a regular light bulb. (The ballast is part of the bulb, to answer a previous replyer's comment.) I stopped using the halogen because it uses too much electricity and in summer produces too much heat, but I still need a room light sometimes, and the readymade ones are too expensive.

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what you are suggesting would probably work. people make fixtures out of everything from wine bottles to stuffed animals.

our point is purely from a liability standpoint. the NRTL's (nationally recognized testing laboratories) list fixtures , and other such goods, as an assembly. When you introduce something like you suggest, it violates the listing, and you assume liability for the consequenses.

This is something fairly hammered into our trade, so don't take offense to our short answers here.

The truth is, i hate those open face-up, fire waiting to happen halogens, and wonder how they slipped by the NRTL's in the first place...


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