Running 60A from the house to the Barn.


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Question Running 60A from the house to the Barn.

Ok. So about a year ago I had an electrician install me a 220v 60A circuit on my panel and wire it to a subpanel in my office. The subpanel has two 30a breakers if I remember correctly. What I am wanting to do is disconnect that subpanel and remove that cable and run a longer cable to the barn with is about 150' or less. What kind of cable would I need to run? And I should be good to go with the existing 60a circuit and subpanel. Right?
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You're on the right track, the type of wire you use will be determined by whether it's run overhead or underground and whether it's in conduit or not underground.

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What loads will you have in the barn? Does the subpanel have a main breaker?
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Leave the current subpanel and install a 60 amp breaker there. Then feed your run to the barn off the 60 amp breaker. Wiring method to barn will depend as Msradell posted.

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