Doorbell chime broken/melted: What happened?


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Doorbell chime broken/melted: What happened?


Recently, after someone visited me, I smelled a strong odor of burnt plastic. Looking around, I could not find the source of the problem, and assumed it was coming from outside. A few days later, I realized that my doorbell was broken, and after further investigation, it is actually the chime who, apparently, MELTED.

See the following 3 images:
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My question: How did this happen? I looked at the doorbell itself, and the two wires are definitely separated so I see it as highly unlikely they would have been shorted.Could the button get stuck? Perhaps, but the doorbell isn't too old (3 years). Could the transformer be playing free-games? My house is only 7 years old.

I'm curious as to what could have make this melt? I guess this could have been a fire hazard!

Also, I'm wondering, what would be the correct way to determine which wire goes to the doorbell and which one goes to the transformer? There are 2 red and 2 black wires, one red and one black wired together, but our of the 2 others, I am not sure which is which (I should have taken a picture before I dismantle the old chime). Wiring either way (black to Transfo and red to "front", or vice versa) on the new chime seems to work.

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Could the button get stuck?
Yes, that is the most likely cause.
Perhaps, but the doorbell isn't too old (3 years).
As cheaply made as chime parts are your lucky if they work new. Sure it could be wiring but the button is the best suspect. After all it happened after the visitor pushed the button.
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I change those buttons constantly. By the looks of your chime unit.... the button was the problem.

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