Mystery Leviton Switches in My House


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Mystery Leviton Switches in My House

We removed an Ademco wired alarm system from our house when we moved in. We took out the system box, but left all the sensors in the windows and corner of the basement. In the attic the AC adapter that once powered it is unplugged. There are leviton decora switches all over the house that appear to do absolutely nothing. They are not at regular lightswitch height, they are very close to the ceiling. They are rated for 120V 15 amps, you know, like a regular switch, but the wire that is hooked up to them is very very thin gauge, and the wire colors are red on bottom of switch, white on top. What are all of these mystery switches for? They are all over the house, usually behind doors!
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Welcome to the forums.

I have no idea what they'd be for.

You said the wires were small..... red and white. What color is the casing..... the outer cable color and have you seen a bunch of that color cable in a certain area ?
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I'm moving this to Electrical for now. If there are no answers in a couple of days I'll move it to Alarms.
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They could be bypass switches around the door alarm switches. Turning them on would allow opening the door without triggering the alarm. Downside is that if someone forgot to turn them off after closing the door there would be no alarm for that door.

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