Troubleshooting no power to multiple outlets/switches


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Troubleshooting no power to multiple outlets/switches

Before you start I know little about electrical, please keep in mind. The other day the electricity to our chicken coop and a couple outside plugs stopped working. The breaker wasn't tripped. This was put in by an electrician a few years ago, the wire to the chicken coop are underground in plastic conduit and all is fine there. The outlet and switch for a light that is in the coop are in an electrical box and there is also a motion detector light mounted to the outside of the shed. So what's not working are an outside outlet mounted to the house (first place wiring comes outside) another outside outlet mounted to a shed, and everything in and on the chicken coop. There are a couple lights and outlets inside on the same circuit that DO work. Another piece of info is that the outside outlets are proper outside outlets with covers while the outlet and switch inside the coop are in a box with a regular indoor plate cover. I first noticed that these weren't working the night after I left the coop door open during a windy rainstorm. The box is right near t65hat door, not sure if that's a coincidence or not. Any thoughts if there is something I could do/check for myself? I do have access to testers, no little about wiring, but am generally handy.
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I'd start by looking for a tripped GFCI device, either a breaker or receptacle.
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Follow Casual Joe's advise. If you know for certain which breaker controls the chicken coop, turn it off and then back on. Sometimes a breaker may not appear to be tripped when it actually is.
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I did switch the breaker on and off.

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