How can I install a plug-in on a 12v Bilge Pump?


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How can I install a plug-in on a 12v Bilge Pump?

I bought a 600 gallon bilge pump to use for a carboy cleaner for home brewing. The bilge pump I purchased is a Shoreline Marine 12V pump with the following specifics: Volts DC 13.6 - Operating current 3 amps.

I want to install a plug-in so I don't have to use a battery to operate the bilge pump every time I want to use it. Is it as easy as buying a power supply and wiring it to the power supply. How can I make this happen?
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Yes, you need to get a 12VDC power supply that is at least 50W.
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You would need a 12VDC power supply of at least 5AMPS. You could find one locally at Radio Shack or online at many places.

One shown from amazon. You'd cut off the DC plug.
12vdc 5A power supply
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Just curious, does it have to be that many GPH? Little Giant makes some nice pumps120 Volts,maybe less of a hassle
Just a suggestion.
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Yes, it's as easy as buying a power supply and hooking up the wires. If you want to get fancy you can put a switch in the line so you don't have to turn it on/off by unplugging.

You might find it helpful to put a ball valve on the output of the pump so you can vary the flow rate. A big glass carboy can use full power but you might want to throttle it down for a Better Bottle or growler.
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I would question putting a valve on the pump output to vary the outflow. This could strain and overload the pump motor.
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AllanJ...from all I understand and have learned...putting it on the output isn't a big deal...on the input is bad though.

If you are going to throttle it down to almost nothing...maybe a smaller pump?

Not a brewer...just throwing it out there.
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You never want to restrict the inlet to a pump but flow control on the output is commonly and safely done. He's making his own version of this style keg and bottle washer. Basically you get a plastic tub for a sump and put a bilge pump inside and piping to direct the flow up and to a spray head. Traditionally you'd just fill the whole thing with cleaner and let it soak which can take 6 or 7 gallons of cleanser. With a washer you can get by with only a gallon or two.

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Thank you to all that replied. Pilot Dane good call on the dialing down for the Better Bottle vs Glass Carboy. I never even thought about the pressure a 600 gph pump would have on a Better Bottle. Guarantee I would have turned it on and saw that bottle hit the ceiling. Surely, I would have encountered "the look" from the wife had that happened. But I do like the power it has for Glass Carboys although I do use Better Bottles too. I've got some old text books I can throw on top of the Better Bottles to keep it in place. I will be cleaning kegs with this system as well. This is going to be a game changer. Less water and less time put towards the rinse and dump method.
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Out of the pump I like a quarter turn ball valve. Then a 90 degree fitting with the outlet facing straight up. In that glue a threaded fitting, male or female doesn't matter. Then you can screw in a full diameter PVC pipe for washing carboys. Make up another vertical pipe with reduction fittings to have a smaller vertical pipe for washing bottles and growlers if you want.

On top of your larger diameter vertical pipe I also like to have a threaded fitting. Then you can have different tips. Nothing on top and you get a high volume, lower pressure gush of cleaner. Screw on a cap with holes drilled in it and you have a sprayer tip.

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