Wiring a single pole switch/receptacle combo

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Wiring a single pole switch/receptacle combo

Ok here we go. Im getting so mad at this. I am replacing the outlets in my bathroom. The ligh switch connects to a GFCI in the room and thats it. I am only replcing the color. Bought a new switch that also has an outlet on it. Nothing works unless the switch is on which is a pain but not a problem. Here's the problem...i bought the exact same one bit in another color and wired it up EXACTLY the way the other on was hooked up. Now when i cut the breaker back on NOTHING happens. The pilot light on the switch stays on and no lights no power no nothing. I pulled off the breakaway tab too and still nothing. I even went out and replaced the outlet switch at lowes three times to make sure it wwsnt the outlet. There are the same amount of screws on this one as the old one (three on the right and two on the left) and i put the same wires on the new one and i get nothing. The cooper wiring diagram doesnt help either. There are 3 limes feeding onto/off this outlet. One im assuming it the power from the breaker and one i assume goes to that GFCI and the other must be a link to the first floor because without the circuit completed i hve no power on the entire first floor. I can send pics if anyone is confused
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Yeah, some pictures would be in order. Try to get pictures of both sides of device and one of it tilted down to where back of device is shown.

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Normally a light switch would not connect to a GFCI. A combo GFCI receptacle/switch has two wires that are the switch.

One lead from the switch is pigtailed to power in, line side of the GFCI and any other loads.
The other switch lead goes to power out.
The power in, light out and other load neutrals are pigtailed to the line side of the switch.

Tell us about all the wires and their colors that are in the box.
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Or are you not installing a GFCI/switch combo? You mentioned a tab so do you mean a switch/receptacle combo?

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Bought a new switch that also has an outlet on it.
If what you bought is the second picture it can not be used unless the feed is GFCI protected because all receptacles must be GFCI protected.

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If the switch needs to be on for some functions to work it sounds like the constant hot is on the wrong side of the switch.

Can you post the wiring diagram?

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