Running a 12vdc winch on 120vac


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Running a 12vdc winch on 120vac

I purchased a 12 volt ATV 3000 lbs max capacity winch. I need to figure out how to wire it up so I can plug it in to a standard outlet. I need this for my 8 yr olds kid ATV to load it on my truck. I'm disabled and it's my only way to get it on and off. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
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Lucky 8 year old kid

A power supply to run that directly from 120vac would be very large and even more expensive.
If I had to make a guess... I'd say you'd be looking at $500 or better for a power supply.

The best and most cost effective way to utilize that winch is to purchase a 12v battery and battery charger.
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Pjmax is correct. I have an ATV 12V hoist in my shop and it is battery powered. Uses a lawn mower size battery that gets recharged when needed.
Has worked that way for almost five years. Only problem was battery failure after four years. Replaced it and good to go again.

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Battery and charger cost will be in the $100 +- range.

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Is it truck mounted? If so, using the charging system would keep the battery charged. Using an isolation system would keep your truck battery from draining. If it is not truck mounted, how do you get the ATV off at the destination?
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A 12V winch will take something like 40 amps to pull 500-600 lbs so the only way you can supply enough current is to wire it directly to the vehicle (or 2nd) battery and leave it installed.
If you do have 120VAC available at your destination you could rig up a temporary mount for a shop hoist like this Harbor Freight one:

1100 Lb Hoist

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You can buy 25' long jumper cables for less than $50 if you shop around. If they are long enough to reach from your truck battery to the winch connections, you have a solution.
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Nice setup there Rooster.

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