Smart electric meters


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Smart electric meters

Hi All ,looking for opinions on the Smart meters being install by local utilities,to me they do nothing to help the consumer save money,they report usage after the fact which allows you to see the amount used,but most POCO's now do not offer off peak metering by which you could shift loads to the off peak times,maybe one benefit of them is that the POCO will know of power outages much sooner and be able to respond quicker.
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Our reporting is delayed by a day, but I can monitor my shop, cabin and house for usage all the time. Whenever we have an outage, it seems they know it before I call, so it must be reported by the meters in a certain area going down. I am not sure about the off peak metering, however.
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To say they do nothing to help consumer save money is an understatement.

Here, the meters are already installed. However, they have not started charging yet on time of use.
We already have probably the highest electric rates in the country, but now with the smart meters, the POCO will know time of use. Electric now can be about $0.40 per KwH, depending on usage.
Once they get a program in place to where the rates increase during peak times, there's no telling what the rates will be. People like me that like air conditioning will pay dearly, and already do.
I can't imagine it getting higher but it will.
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There are a number of different smart meters out there and some you might say are smarter than others. Here, I am glad our meters may not be as smart as those in California. Here the smart meters eliminate the need for meter readers and automatically call the reading in on a cell system specifically for utility use. They also report every 15 minutes whether they are energized or if power has been lost and also report once power has been restored.

In another area where I have another house there is a Johnson Controls system where the water meters communicate with the electric meters and the electric meters call in both the water useage and electric useage each month.
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As Joe mentioned, the Smart Meters do have certain advantages for consumers but many of them require revisions from the governmental agencies overseeing utility operations.

The Smart Meter does have the ability to eliminate the costs involved in sending a human to read each and every meter and this cost IS significant when all aspects are considered. The Smart Meter does have the ability to meter loads at different times to different rates when the local regulations allow such rate changes. The Smart Meter does have the ability to instantly transmit power outages to the utility's operations center, which could minimize power outages. The Smart Meter, being an electronic device rather than mechanical, is less prone to error in measuring total consumption.

Yes, the cost of electricity, as everything else, is going to rise in the future but it is NOT the fault of the Smart Meter. Once local rules and regulations catch up to the technology we will all be better off.
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Ultimately the smart meters can be a real cost saver for the consumer. Having multiple rates can save the poco peak energy problems while consumers would definitely do more at night if they were offered a discount on night rates. I feel the poco isn't really interested in reduced usage as that cuts into profits.

The current poco commercials in my area tell the customers to save money by using electricity at night. We the consumers are saving nothing by using electricity at night.

We have almost no smart meters in my area of NJ.
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I have a smart meter [probably not as smart as some] and couldn't be happier as the meter now gets read correctly every month! I have a long driveway on the side of a mountain that intimidates some. The meter readers always used it as an excuse not to read my meter except for a few times a year I wouldn't have minded the estimated bills so much but they always over estimated my usage and then when they read the meter and found that I had already paid ahead - they'd bill me a flat rate for not having used any electricity

My smart meter does notify the POCO if the power goes out and I'm sure not having to send a man/truck out to read it saves them money and helps keep the electricity rate down. While our POCO does have some programs that will shut down certain appliances during peak usage - I don't subscribe to any of them. I like my smart meter!
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How's that clean air working for Ya? WOW! .40 a KWH,I am around .10 here ,that time of use seems like that would be a form of Off Peak,it will force usage to the period of less demand.
As Joe mentioned it eliminated meter readers and put them into the ranks of the unemployed.
Good responses.

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