Toothbrush Charger


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Toothbrush Charger

This is an obvious idle time question, but I need to know.

The Sonicare rechargeable toothbrush. There are no contacts in the brush or the charger.

Is this the future of transferring power? The brush batteries are being charged with no metal contact.
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Mine is like that, too.

Everything you ever wanted to know about inductive charging:

Inductive charging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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I wouldn't call it the future of charging. I remember my cordless toothbrush charging like that 40 years ago. When I see part of one device stick into the other it's easier to think of a bit like a transformer. Two flat devices close to each other though... that's just magic.

Many cell phones are now touting Qi wireless charging. Unfortunately it is inefficient and generates heat which is bad for the battery it's trying to charge.

My father in law works on light rail transit. Many new systems don't want a hot third rail or ugly catenary cable overhead. The current trend uses the mother of all cordless toothbrush chargers to give the train a charge in certain zones and it runs the rest of the time on battery. They can pump so much energy into the air that it's quite dangerous if there is nothing there to receive it so much of the technical stuff relates to not energizing the charging coils unless a train is in position.
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Very common. the-tow-guy reference is very interesting. It has good and bad points.

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