Tapping into existing receptacle


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Tapping into existing receptacle

So I want to add 1 receptacle at the end of the circuit and so I opened up an existing box that contains two receptacles in tandem inside that box.
They are connected with single 2+ground wire; simply speaking, whoever installed this double receptacle did it by bringing in the wire, splicing the insulation for the first receptacle, and just continue with the same wire to the second receptacle.

Is that OK?
I thought you always need to either pigtail the runs or use the top screw to extend the run.

Would it be OK for me to now run off of the "last" receptacle by tapping into the top screw ?

Edit: I would pigtail neutral of course.... the hot and neutral would not be pigtailed but run as in middle of circuit receptacle..... if my description doesn't make sense I can maybe draw it?

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What does this circuit power and what is the new expected load?

Pigtails can be used but are not required. An unbroken conductor is as good as a pigtail
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just a few outlets in the kitchen....Amps will be well below 80% of the circuit load.
I was just concerned that the existing box with the 2 receptacles didn't look up to the code.

So I guess I can go ahead and add the final outlet after this tandem outlets by taping into the screws in the (now) one before the last receptacle ?
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just a few outlets in the kitchen
Are the receptacles you want to tap part of the kitchen small appliance branch circuit?
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yes Ray, They are on their own 20A circuit....just adding one more further down the wall.
I calculated all my small appliances and they won't add to more than 15A.
Microwave is already on its own circuit.
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You can extend that circuit and add another counter top outlet.
The hot wire you speak of was stripped in the middle and looped around a receptacle hot terminal, the remaining length was looped around 2nd receptacle hot terminal.
This was or is a common practice. It makes for one less wire nut connection, which isn't required but not a bad idea.
You can attach your new hot to an available hot screw. It doesn't matter top or bottom, or which receptacle.

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