What kind of receptacle/outlet is this?


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What kind of receptacle/outlet is this?

My wife and I are doing a small scale remodeling on an old house before we move in. We put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and I am changing out all the light switches and electrical outlets to a white color because the old ones look dated. In the living room, I came across a receptacle or outlet like I've never seen. The picture is exactly how I found it. If something was once attached to the front of it, I didn't see it. Any idea what this is?

If it's for an appliance or fixture that's no longer used, should I just cap it with a solid cover plate?
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TV antenna lead in line and jack (receptacle).

This is the old style (actually still used) aka 300 ohm twin lead, the two conductors are the same and spaced about 1/2 inch apart in a ribbon like cable.

A matching plug with two round prongs fits into the pair of holes. Another length of twin lead is attached tot he plug and goes to the TV.

The new style is the familiar round coax line with press on or screw on shell plugs with center pin, aka 75 ohm categorically, e.g. RG6 specific style.
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Haven't seen one of them in a while. You can disconnect the wires and cover with a blank.

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