Wink Relay Wiring and Getting Neutral at Switch


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Wink Relay Wiring and Getting Neutral at Switch

So I got a wink relay since wink hub and smart bulb and switches have been working for me . I know not all are happy with it, but I'm not relying on it to keep grandma alive or anything.

The best location for it is an old single pole switch and light fixture I had taken out and capped off when I moved in.

The power comes in at light fixture through 12-2 Black, White, Ground wire and goes through switch loop with power source black tied to switch loop white at fixture junction box.

So currently at switch there is black (back out to fixture), white (line hot coming in), ground wire. There's no neutral there.

The wink relay box has black line, white neutral, and two red load wires .

The two red load wires are for switches on wink relay panel to control physical loads but since I removed the light fixture there is no physical load. I just need line and neutral to power the relay in that location. all soft and hard buttons become smart controls for wink connected devices and smart bulbs

I was hoping that since there is no light load attached anymore that I could tie the whites and blacks together at ceiling junction box to bring neutral back to switch box. Is that doable or am I missing some major issue. I know if the light fixture was still there, it would be a problem but since it is not, I'm not sure.

Also since the wink relay has no ground wire connection, do I just tape and stuff the ground wire in back of box or what. Thanks for your help.
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Yes that will work. No reason to tape the ground wire. If the box is plastic coil it in the back of the box. If box is metal connect to the box. The ceiling box must remain accessible. If metal connect the grounds to the box.
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Great. Thanks, Ray2047. Now I won't have an expensive paperweight. Both boxes appear to be plastic.

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