Do these insulation testers work?


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Do these insulation testers work?

Does anyone have experience with these type insulation testers and do they work to discover bad connections in circuits, etc.

Vichy VC60B Digital Insulation Resistance Tester Megger Megohmmeter Meter Em 01 | eBay
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In general, yes, meggers do work to find insulation break down and failing electric motor windings. However, the price of that one makes me very suspicious that particular one would work. When the cheapest brand name meter is more than 10 times the eBay list price of the no-brand, it makes me think the Chinese knock-off might have left a few components out...
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I have to agree with my compatriot.

Most decent meggers start over $1000. I use mine for checking open circuit resistance to ground to eliminate the problems from sharp conduit edges and chaffed insulation.

bad connections in circuits, etc.
To be specific..... what types of circuits ? Not electronic type circuits.
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I was curious about these for residential house wiring troubleshooting, or just verification that no problems exist. I know a megger to check ground would cost many times this, but I didn't know if these insulation specific testers would work. They appear to have sold a number of them.
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Checking connections? No; this type of high voltage tester looks only at leakage to ground. It will not test integrity of wire nuts, tightness of screws and the like. We use a variety of these at work constantly. Occasionally, we will find some bad wiring practices, related to bare conductors too close to ground; Sometimes customers will find readings fail in high humidity locations.

Actually, a ground bond tester would be far more useful, if you wished to check for good connections. It injects a current of about 10 amps and measures voltage drop.
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Am I the only one here old enough to look at that and think, "Where is the crank"?
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Thanks telecom and everyone else, I think you answered my question.

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