GFCI location for whirlpool tub


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GFCI location for whirlpool tub

Hi All,

So I'm going over a previous owners renovations in a bathroom. They ran 12/3 wire to the whirlpool bath and the proceeded to to put two GFCI's sockets on each hot and then plug the heater (12A) and pump (12A) into each GFCI. Unsurprising this did not work and they claimed the tub was broken. They also sealed up the GFCI breakers behind drywall... Anyhow I digress.

My plan is to just put 2-pole 20A GFCI breaker in the main panel and then use the same wire to two standard waterproof outlets near the tub (each on a separate hot, common neutral). Is this ok or am I supposed to have the GFCI reset close to the tub or is in the panel fine?. I should add nothing else will be on this circuit.
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As long as the neutral is not shared downstream of the GFCI receptacles, the 12/3 (multiwire branch circuit) configuration should work just fine. It's likely they just didn't wire the receptacles correctly. All of the connections should have been accessible however.

The 2 pole GFCI breaker is also an acceptable solution, but you do need an accessible disconnect near the tub. Cord and plug connected equipment counts as a disconnect because you can unplug it. The receptacles do not need to be waterproof if they are located in/under the service hatch of the tub.

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