Replaced receptacles and two breakers...still no lights.


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Replaced receptacles and two breakers...still no lights.

Few days ago all the receptacles in all three bedrooms stopped functioning. The red/hot wire reads 120v.

Replaced all receptacles and two breakers controlling them and still nothing.

Two of the receptacles in one of the bedrooms were really damaged
..burned out fell apart when I removed it.

I don't know what else to do the receptacles are still not working.

I continue to get a reading of ~120v from the two breakers and all the red wires.

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Welcome to the forums.

all the red wires.
All the red wires.

What about black wires ?
Is your wiring in metal conduit ?
Where the wires pushed into the back of the receptacles ?

Burned wiring signifies a loose connection or an overloaded circuit. Using the push in connections in the back of the receptacles is a sure recipe for trouble.

Power on the red wire is only half the circuit. You need to have neutral on the white wire.
If you had power on the hot wires..... replacing the breakers wouldn't accomplish much.

You need to determine what is on those circuits. You may find some of the devices working. The problem can also be at a working device before it connects to a non working device.

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In my diagram there are 7 devices. The first four are working and the last three are not. The problem can be at the last working receptacle or the first dead receptacle. You will have to make a list of the working receptacles on the circuit and check the closest ones to the non working ones.
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For future reference, breakers can go bad but it is much more rare than a failed connection. Can you measure voltage from hot to ground and hot to neutral?

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