Adding live receptacle to end of switch loop


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Adding live receptacle to end of switch loop

Hi. I have a switched loop single pole light switch, from which a need to draw power for a new unswitched receptacle. I have removed the existing 12-2 NM that went to the switch and replaced it with 12-3. From there I am running 12-2 down to the receptacle.I think this should work (diagram). I was wondering about the capped neutral in the switchbox. What does that accomplish?

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That will just fine, the capped neutral at the switch box is there in case you install a device there that requires a neutral, basically there for future really didn't need to remove the 12/2 and install 12/3 because it was existing.
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I'm guessing you found that diagram online as it does not illustrate what you asked for. You wanted to take power from the switch for the receptacle. That was the reason you ran a three wire cable. Your diagram shows taking power from the light.... not the switch.
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Actually, you would need to run 12/3 down to the switch box Only IF you want to power a new receptacle from the switch box. That's because source power is now at the ceiling box.

In your case the neutral in the switch box will not be capped off, it will be used for neutral to new receptacle.

If I understand correctly, and you want to feed a new receptacle from a switch box, the diagram posted is not accurate. Post back if you need clarification.
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You would need to follow this diagram.....

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