Converting 240v lines to 120v receptacles


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Converting 240v lines to 120v receptacles

I have gotten rid of a wall oven and dropin stove. Both were on seperate dedicated breakers(220). I need to convert one of them to a regular outlet for a refrigerator. I need toknow if this can be done with the exsistingwire. Please help
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Welcome to the forums.

What wires do you have?
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I would not do it for several reasons.
Likely a #10 wire which is to big to safely fit under the screw.
There is no nutral.
Is it braded wire?
Going to do it anyway, then breaker needs to be replaced with a single pole 20 amp. one of the wires to the old breaker needs to be remarked with white tape and connected to the nutral buss.
Also need to buy some covers to fill in the voids where the old breakers where.
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Likely a #10 wire which is to big to safely fit under the screw.
A specification grade receptacle will accept a #10 conductor with no problem.

There is no nutral.
What is a "nutral"? Do you mean neutral? Most (not all) cook tops and ovens use a 240/120 supply so it is definitely possible for there to be a neutral.

Is it braded wire?
What is "braded" wire? Do you possibly mean stranded wire? Why should stranded wire be a problem?

Lyle, we need LOTS more information before making any suggestions. What size wire do you have? How many insulated conductors? What are the circuit breaker sizes? What make and model circuit breaker panel is installed?

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