Dead power in master bedroom

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Dead power in master bedroom

Ok so last night I was building a tent in the living room for my kids to camp out in for fun. I went into the Master bedroom to blow up an air Matress. I plugged a charger in the wall and turned it on. As soon as I turned it on all of the power went off in the room. I went outside to check the breaker box and none of the breakers tripped. To be proactive just in case I reset all of the breakers. Went back inside and it was still off in the master bedroom . Then I went into the garage to get a flash light and the garage light did not work. I also noticed the pantry light in the kitchen was off . Being the fact that I'm not an electrician and that is a skill and trade I know nothing of I called my neighbor down the street. He is a commercial electrician but I thought better him looking at it then me. He looked in the room and said " You must have a GFI" I told him there was one in the master bedroom bath by the sink. He went and looked and the power was dead to it as well. He had a replacement and went ahead and swapped it out and bam it had power. So he then went to the socket I plugged the charger into to start and he recommended us replacing it as well as it was a bit worn. He quickly swapped them out but still no lights or power other than the GFI. Then he went out to check the breaker box . All of the breakers checked to be good. Then he checked the ground bar in the box and all grounds were connected and no loose wires. We looked at a bunch of different sockets throughout the house and all we good just no power or lights in the master bath and garage light . He and myself are pretty stumped . I'm looking for any suggestions at this point.
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Then he checked the ground bar in the box and all grounds were connected and no loose wires.
You don't need grounds for lights and receptacles to work. It was probably the neutral bar.

Look outside and every other bathroom for a GFCI. Look in the garage. Look behind furniture and other things that haven't been moved in years for another GFCI.

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