Wiring a sub-panel in my garage


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Wiring a sub-panel in my garage

I am going to run power to my detached garage that is 88' from my house, but I keep seeing conflicting opinions on what size wire to run for 100A service. It looks like I will need #2 THHN with a #6 ground, but can I go smaller, like #4? I'm only planning on using a 60A breaker at first, but since I only plan on running the wire once as it will be buried, I want the ability to add to the sub-panel as I will eventually be running power to our barn as well, which will only be a few lights and 2-3 outlets.

Concerning the conduit, will 1" be big enough, and is 18" burial depth deep enough?

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What loads will you have in the garage? A 60 amp sub panel may be more than enough.
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If you use #2 you will need 1 1/4" sechedule 40. 18" deep, I assume you are thinking #2 Al.
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The loads at the moment won't be that high, mainly outlets and lighting with some power tool useage, but nothing too taxing and not all at the same time. I'm not sure which would be better when it comes to the wire: copper or aluminum. I am planning on using a 60A breaker initially and then upping it if needed in the future.
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After doing some research, It would seem that 100A service is overkill for anything I'll be doing in the garage. What size wire should I use for 60A service with aluminum?

As I stated before, I won't be loading the sub too much. I will eventually have a table saw and a window A/C unit, but as far as large loads go, that'll be about it. The garage is only about 450 sq. feet and I'll be using LED lighting.
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Copper three #6 and #10 ground.
Aluminum three #4 and #8 ground.
#6 copper for the GEC.

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