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How do I prevent a cord from being unplugged from an outlet?

How do I prevent a cord from being unplugged from an outlet?

Old 03-22-15, 07:07 PM
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How do I prevent a cord from being unplugged from an outlet?

I am trying to figure out a way to make it difficult to unplug a cord from the wall. I searched for outlet covers online but most of what I found were child resistant outlet covers but I need something that would make it difficult for an adult to plug a cord. I think what I am going to do is use a flat headed extension cord and then get a block of wood or piece of plywood and nail it over the outlet cover when the cord is plugged in to the wall. The question is if I nail a piece of wood over the outlet cover is there any risk that I could put the nails through the wiring. The piece of wood would have to be long enough or big enough so that the nails would be far enough away from the outlet cover so that they would not effect the wiring inside the wall. I may only need to nail through the drywall and not really worry about finding a stud to nail through.
The reason I want to make it difficult to unplug the cord is because of a project I worked on recently. I placed a CD player/ radio alarm clock in a suitcase, wiring speakers outside the suitcase and placing a lock on the suitcase so I would have to get the key if I wanted to turn the alarm clock off. Before that I would always hit snooze or turn the alarm clock off when it sounded. Now it is more difficult to turn off my alarm, but this morning I reached in back of the furniture and pulled the plug for the alarm clock out of the wall. So now I need to make it difficult to unplug the cord. As an alternative I could nail boards to the back of the bookcase and then nail those boards to the wall so I could not reach the outlet behind.
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install an in-use cover over the receptacle like you would use outside. you can then install a lock on the cover.
Old 03-22-15, 07:33 PM
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Or to borrow from Tolyn use a locking thermostat cover. Notch the cover and put a knot in the cord.

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Is there nowhere on the opposite side of the room to plug the suitcase in to? Perhaps behind a dresser?
I too have struggled with the convenience of the snooze button. Placing the alarm clock out of reach at full blast worked to get me up and out of bed.
Old 03-22-15, 09:04 PM
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How about something like this...Amazon.com: Outlet Plug Lock: Baby

It needs to be something that if the clock started smoking, you could at least use force to pull the plug breaking the lock in the process, of course.

If that doesn't work, go to bed earlier and train yourself to wake up when you need to.
Old 03-22-15, 10:03 PM
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The cheapest fix is probably a cable tie with a screw hole. You could use the screw for the outlet cover plate to hold the cable tie in place.
Old 03-23-15, 05:08 AM
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If that doesn't work, go to bed earlier and train yourself to wake up when you need to.
When I was young and wind up alarm clocks were still popular, I was prone to stay out late and drink too much Never one to be late for work, I'd set the alarm clock in the bath tub - you wouldn't believe how much racket that made .... and by the time I got in there to turn it off, I was up and ready [well somewhat ready] to go. Really, placing the clock anywhere that can't be reached from the bed should help
Old 03-23-15, 06:01 AM
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Of course the easy solution is those alarm clocks that move around on the floor that make you get up and turn them off. No wiring necessary. BTW...a suit case with alarms and speakers, locked inside then plugged into an outlet? Seriously???? If you have that big of a sleep problem you need more than our help.

Old 03-23-15, 06:20 AM
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Alarm clocks in different rooms. THe nearby one wakes you up, the others keep you from snoozing and force you to tour the house!

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