Receptacle Problem


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Receptacle Problem

I have a receptacle that is controlled by an on/off switch. When the switch is on I have a reading of 110v coming into the receptacle and a reading of 110v out of the receptacle. If I turn the switch off then I read 0v to the receptacle as I would expect.

The problem I have is with the switch in the on position when I plug something into the receptacle the reading goes from 110v to 0v, so the receptacle is seemingly powered but loses power when I try to use it.

I'm using a mastercraft multimeter to test this and I've tried it on other receptacles to make sure it's working. There is no GFI on this circuit but there are 10 other receptacles plus some ceiling lights that all work, however the receptacle I'm having problems with is the only thing connected to the on/off switch.

I'm also not sure how everything is specifically wired as everything is behind drywall and the outlet has worked for 20 years and has only become a problem within the last week.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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If the receptacle is back stabbed move the wires to the screws.
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The wires are on the screws, I've taken them off and reconnected them solidly.

After reading other people's problems that sound similar is it possible there's a loose connection in the circuit?
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Yes, There could be a loose wire somewhere.

You have to check every device on the circuit, but start with the easiest or most suspect.

Check switch box and receptacle box wire nut bundles. Check to make sure both hot and neutral bundles are securely connected.

Personally, I would remove each wire nut, inspect, and replace wire nut with new ensuring a tight connection.

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