outside wire


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outside wire

I need to run an outdoor cable for an outdoor wood stove power supply. it is a short run of about 50 feet, I have enough direct burial 14/2 but I would like to go out through the cement foundation above grade. Would it be alright to use a short piece of steel or plastic conduit (about 24 inches) to protect the wire that would be seen on the outside foundation wall?
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The cable is type UF, not "outdoor cable".

Not only is it acceptable to use conduit for protection it is REQUIRED. Use an LB fitting to turn the hole in the house downward and then a piece of PVC conduit down to the burial depth and with a 90[SUP]o[/SUP] bend to bring it back horizontal.

Also, foundations are made with concrete, not cement.
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thanks for the information on the conduit. And I will try and remember to use the proper terminology for the gravel/cement mixture (concrete) and the direct burial outdoor electric cable (UF-B direct burial) from here forward
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Billie, I believe the cable designation in Canada is NMWU instead of UF-B. Basically the same stuff but you might have trouble finding cable marked with "UF" in Canada.

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