23 W Fluorescent Bulb Acting Weird...


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23 W Fluorescent Bulb Acting Weird...

I recently replaced a standard 40W incandescent bulb that just blew after 2 years in a globe fixture with a 23W fluorescent bulb that gives off the equivalent of 100W.

Two days later at about 5:30am, O put the light on and *poof* - the brand new bulb blew. I mentioned it to my wife later and she said it happened to her about 3 hours after it happened to me, which would mean about 8:30am. Of course, that means it did not really blow out.

We has this discussion around noon and the switch was still in the on position, so I went over and tried shutting it off and putting it back on. Nothing. I left the switch in the off position for a half hour or so, and then put it on and it came on like nothing was wrong.

Since that happened, I tried it repeatedly and it worked each time and it is working great now. I put the times because the house temperature may have varied from 60 to 70 degrees during that time. I do not want to rule anything out at this point.

The bulb is the one shown in this link, which of course, is discontinued.

The specifications say it is ideal for ceiling fixtures, and I bought a 4 pack for my basement lights, and when the incandescent one blew, I figured I would give it a try.

I got back up and screwed it in a little tighter, but is was working again before I did that.

Any ideas?
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Is this an enclosed fixture?
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I'm guessing the bulb has a capacitor as one of the components inside which popped, and now the bulb intermittently works. Capacitors have some oil-like material in them which can leak out causing failures that get worse over time until the device stops working entirely.
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Yes, it is an enclosed globe fixture. Not heat-related as it 'blew' as soon as it was put on so there was not any heat build-up. I must have put it on 100 times since noon and it is working perfectly now.
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Unbelievable. We used the light all last night without issues. It worked perfectly. This morning at 5:30am, I turned the light on and it 'blew' again. I shut the switch off and at 9:00am tried again. The light came on weakly but then went out, but not with a flash.

I am going to change the bulb today and see what happens.

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