Need help wiring Ice Cube Relay


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Need help wiring Ice Cube Relay

I want to use an ice cube relay--a two-pole, 8-pin relay--to control a small circuit of lights at my front gate. The 120v comes in from a sub panel near the gate, but I want the switch in my house, 600' from the gate and power supply. I figure that these relays require a very small current to energize them, so I can run 14-2 UF from the relay to the switch. I'm confused as to how I should wire the relay now.

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Do I wire the switch in before the coils? (i.e., common to pin 2, then hot to the switch 600' away and back to pin 7 on relay.) Then, lights are wired to normally open pins 1 and 3? This seems like it would send 120v to the lights alright, but that the circuit would still be exceedingly long, as it would run down to the house and back before going to the lights. Any help appreciated.
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Feed one side of the 14/2 at the panel to feed the switch and back to the relay, #2 can be neutral,black from switch to #7, also from the panel feed terminals #1&8 terminals # 3&6 to each light,neutral from panel to each light.
Good Luck with voltage drop on the 14/2
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Ok Geo, that makes sense. I'll give it a go. Thank you.

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That type of relay will work fine. You won't have an issue with voltage drop.

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