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Why does a bathroom need its own circuit when it is GF protected? Doesn't the GF receptacle act like a circuit breaker?

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a bathroom(s) needs it's own 20A circuit for things like hairdryers, now up to 1650 watts or so.

a GFCI ( ground fault circuit interupter) should not be confused with a circuit breaker's function. the GFI addresses any power that can "escape" , and shuts down, say as the classic radio dives into the tub. it does so at around 1/2 an amp, where the normanl breaker does so at 15, or 20 amps.


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a gfi "trips" at about 50 milliamps, much less than 1/2 amp
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Thanks for the responses to my question. Is there any reason why one wouldn't want to wire outlets after the GFI so that they're protected?

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Using a GFCI on an early outlet on a circuit is a good idea. This protects downstream outlets, and increases safety.

However, current code prohibits putting non-bathroom outlets downstream from a bathroom outlet. I'm really not sure why, but it's best not to violate code.

So if you want GFCI protection elsewhere, just add additional GFCI outlets. GFCI protection is good almost everywhere. But since GFCIs do trip occasionally, it's best not to use them for circuits powering things you really don't want to go off unexpectedly, e.g., sump pumps, refrigerators, freezers. Some people also don't like to put things with large motors on GFCI, since some of these do trip the GFCI needlessly.

Having said all that, however, I will point out that many people successfully have refrigerators and freezers on GFCI protected outlets, and have never had a problem.

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