Faulty GFCI Breaker?


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Faulty GFCI Breaker?

35 year old house, in Canada. I have always had a GFCI breaker installed and have been testing it regularly without problems.

I have 3 ext plugs into the GF breaker. I have always had a pool pump plugged into one ext outlet (above ground pool pump) without problems, ie, it has never tripped anything in 20+ yrs.

Bought a rotisserie recently, plugged it in at one ext plug, and after a few mins (or earlier), it trips. I then reset to no avail. This happens whether or not I have pool pump on. I've taken the rotisserie and plugged it into regular outlet and it does not trip anything....back to ext one, and it trips.

I've done some research. I've replaced the actual ext outlet as it looked a little old, nothing, same problem. I'm now thinking it is the GF breaker itself as I seem to appreciate advice that these things can get old. I also understand it could also be the rotisserie itself (it is a Weber, decent quality for what that is worth) as the motor could have some natural amperage micro variation, so to speak.

Thoughts? Thanks very much for any time to assist a relatively novice person on this.
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Welcome to the forums!

Since the everything was running fine before the rotisserie, I would suspect there is a fault in the rotisserie. I would return it and exchange it for a new one.
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Ok thanks....will give that a try! Thanks Tolyn!

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