Lost Power 30 amp breakers


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Lost Power 30 amp breakers

Hi all, I'm new here and was searching google about electrical problems and this forum popped up and I've read many of the threads here, but really need to start my own thread with my electrical issue that someone may help me.

Back story..
I've been living in this house for the last 8 years. Same things are plugged in and its the same routine every year.
2 small bedrooms are on 1 30 amp breaker.
*There are FIVE 30 amp single breakers in the fuse panel (not counting the doubles and others)

Normal items in each room consist of a tv, stereo, computer, clocks (normal bedroom stuff)
During the winter, each room has a 120v lasko oil heater
During the summer, each room has a 120v 5-6000 btu window ac

Been this way for years.

There are three outlets in the main bedroom (I will be talking about, since my daughter hasn't been home to run any electrical items in her room)

One outlet normally only runs the heater during the winter. After winter, its unplugged and stored away.

Another outlet runs a clock, laptop charger and a lamp.

Another outlet runs (and I know this is bad):
Surge protector with speaker power, modem and window a/c
Surge protector with computer, printer, router, fan (extension cord that leads to another surge protector that has tv, tivo, gaming console, stereo and a small fan)

Been like this for years, never any problems.

Last few nights, I've been losing power. Check the breaker, not tripped. I manually flip it, nothing happens. I go around and unplug everything and flip it, and it works again.

I plug everything back in and it will work for hours.. Then fail.

I find it odd that normally, even during the hottest parts of the summer, I can run both a/cs and all these electronics and never have a fail. But I turn on one a/c and run for a couple of hours and its now failing and won't come back on until I unplug everything..

Ideas? Bad cords? Bad surge protector? Deadly wiring?
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Welcome to the forums.

I didn't read your entire post but are sure all your circuits are on 30A breakers ?
That is not correct based on most home wiring and can be very dangerous as the wiring can be overfused and underprotected.

Your panel should have 15A and 20A breakers for your common household circuits.

If you have a failing circuit you'll need to identify every receptacle on that circuit and check each one for loose connections. You may find wires that are heat baked due to the large circuit breakers.
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Was there an extension or dormer added to the house at a later date? The reason I ask is that all those 30amp breakers sound strange to me. The next time you lose power, check all those cords to see if any of them are hot.
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There are FIVE 30 amp single breakers in the fuse panel
No breakers in a fuse panel. 30 amp breakers on a general purpose (lights and receptacles) 120 volt circuit is a code violation.
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yeah, a few 30 amps.. green ones are 30, a couple of others and then some I cant tell what they are
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Assuming standard wiring the 30 amp breakers need to be replaced with probably 15 amp breakers to reduce the possibility of a fire. Probably that would mean a lot more trips if the breakers were put in because of overloads. Of course it could be because Westinghouse is obsolete and it was all they could find and either they didn't know Cutler Hammer might work or the box contain obsoleted Westinghouse breakers.

You will have to wait for the pros to address your original question but it looks like you need an Electrician to evaluate the situation.

Please post pictures with the dead front removed so we can see the wires.
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LakeTexoma: You state
I've been living in this house for the last 8 years.
You have not stated if you own this house. If you rent this house it is highly advised that you do not make any changes on your own (or even hiring a licensed electrician on your own) without the owners permission. Can land you in serious liability issues. If there is a safety concern on your end you should address it directly with your landlord. Either way this is a safety concern IF the lighting and receptacle circuits are on 30amp breakers. Very unlikely that the wiring connected to the 30amp breakers would be 10gauge. If you rent this house i would not even remove the panel cover but contact your landlord.
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Even if the 30 amp Circuit Breakers feed # 10 copper wiring , it is a code violation to connect that circuit to 15 or 20 amp devices .

Not good .

God bless

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