Adding circuits to open stud garage Questions

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Adding circuits to open stud garage Questions

Hello looking for advice on running some new circuits in my open stud garage.

Garage is a concrete slab, open stud except for the wall that is connected to the house that is finshed with insulation and dry wall. House is a ranch style with attick space above the garage that i have esay access too.

basic layout to help simplfy what i am saying. Garage door faces east, open stud wall to the North and the south and finshed wall to the west. My panel is on south side wall in the garage about 3 feet from the garage door side.

I am wanting to install 20 amp cicuit to the North side wall with 2 quad outlet boxes on the wall. Here is where i need help with the Walls still being open stud i was going to run the 12-2 romex from the panel on the side of the stud directly up into the attick then across the attick space and down the other North side wall on the inside of the stud. So for the exposed romex on the open stud will this need to be in conduit? I do not plan to finish the garage anytime in the near future. and to run from box to box i was gointo to go back up into the attick and back down.

Also with the boxes since they will not be in a finished wall i will need to use the metal box style correct?

then for the south wall i was goin to do basically the same thing. go up into the attick from the panel and then drop down from the attick and follow the inside of the stud down to the box.

And the first outlet will be GFI in the circuits as its in the garage. each wall will be a seperate circuit also.
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Conduit would only be needed if required by your area or to prevent physical damage.
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Any romex in the garage will need to be protected below height of 8'. Protection can be provided by conduit, a wood chase (2x4 on edge), or a sheathing on the wall (drywall, plywood). Some areas consider the wide edge of the stud "inside" the stud bay to be protected without additional covering (local code issue). In the attic area, the romex should run along and be stapled to a "substantial framing member", basically a 2x4 or larger. The boxes can be plastic or metal as long as you have the correct connector between box and conduit.

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