TV trips GFI puzzle


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TV trips GFI puzzle

I recently added a standard outlet (4th) to an existing line of outlets after a GFI on my deck. This is for a TV and cable box. When I plug in the devices, it trips the GFI. I'm 99.9% sure the wiring is clean and correct. I didn't use pigtails. When I plug in the devices to the third outlet there are no issues. When I did this I used an extension cord that has three prongs. The TV plug is only two prongs. Could the two prongs be the issue causing some sort of ground error?
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Could the two prongs be the issue causing some sort of ground error?
No. Try the fourth receptacle again but with it pulled out of the box. Be sure no wires are touching.
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Ultimately you may have leakage between the chassis of your TV and the cable box. The TV chassis is not grounded and the cable box is. This is not a common problem but does happen from time to time.
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Try Ray's suggestion first, then try replacing the GFCI receptacle with a brand new one. Some older GFCI receptacles trip from the frequencies produced by newer digital HDTVs.

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