Microwave and a 15 AMP Breaker


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Microwave and a 15 AMP Breaker

From time to time when starting my microwave the breaker shuts off in the main panel. It doesn't trip the breaker every time of use. Only the microwave itself shuts off and has a plug directly behind were it goes. I replace the breaker on the panel with a 20 AMP and all is good or does the wire from the breaker also need to be changed out. Is this a job for a certified electrician or a simple do it yourself. If only the microwave is causing the breaking to go from time to time is it safe to say this is a direct dedicated circuit for the microwave and nothing else is on it. Not sure if you can buy a microwave that will run fine on a 15 amp breaker, maybe one that has a lower output power. Thanks for any info.

General Info:

Microwave output power is 1100w
Breaker shows 120/240V 10 KA- 15 on the handle (15 AMP)
Stamp on inside of panel door is 982951 (1998 is the age of panel ?)
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Do not increase the size of the breaker without matching the corresponding wiring. Microwaves are usually on dedicated circuits of 20 amp value with 12 gauge wiring. Running a dedicated circuit will alleviate your nuisance tripping. It can be DIY, depending on where the wiring is located in reference to the panel, and how versed you are at electrical work. Your microwave is only pulling 9 amps, so the first thing I would do is make sure the microwave is alone on that circuit and change the breaker to another 15 amp. They do go bad, so it may help. Let us know how that goes first.
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By changing that breaker and not also replacing the wire, the wire is now the fuse not the breaker.
The wire could melt and short before the breaker tripped.
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That microwave should not be tripping the breaker. Maybe the 15amp breaker was going bad? Try replacing that.
If nothing else is on the circuit then you may need to replace the microwave.
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I think the 15A breaker is going weak and should be replaced as the first step in troubleshooting. The 1100W microwave should work fine on that circuit as long as there are not other loads.

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