Dryer Receptacle is RV Use Only?


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Dryer Receptacle is RV Use Only?

I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, but I was just checking to see what kind of power cord I needed for a new dryer and saw that the receptacle in the laundry room is labeled "Recreational Vehicle Use Only." It also says 30A 125V.

I just purchased this house and had an inspection done previously where this did not come up as an issue in the report. So, as someone who doesn't know a lot about dryer plugs:

1.) Is this the proper receptacle? If not, might there be any issues installing the correct one? There are no other similar receptacles in this laundry room.

2.) What kind of power cord do I need as I understand there are a couple different types. This is for a new Samsung DV42H5200EP Dryer.

Thanks in advance for help with this question!
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That is definitely a motor home receptacle as it's 120v.

Can you locate the breaker that feeds that receptacle and let us know what it is ?
What amperage and single or double breaker.

You may be able to convert the circuit to 240v for your dryer.
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A typical all electric home dryer requires both 120 and 240 volts and recent models will have a 30 amp four prong plug. You will need a matching 4 hole 240 volt receptacle for 30 amps.

This needs to be wired to the panel using two hots, neutral, and ground all ten gauge such as 10-3 Romex with ground. In the panel you need a double wide double breaker with just one handle, or two handles tied together.

There might exist 120 volt dryers but these are not common and are hard to find.

The receptacle you showed is not rated for 240 volts so you may not even use it on a 240 volt only circuit such as for some larger window air conditioners. Use of components on higher voltage circuits than they are rated for can result in a phenomenon called flashover which will trip an arc fault circuit interrupter if the circuit has one of those (not required for dryer circuits). Also, plugs and receptacles have different prong shapes, sizes, and positions for different voltages and amperages. You may not substitute a different plug on an appliance to get around this.

Verify the voltage (between the two rectangular holes) before using this receptacle for anything.

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Ok great, thank you to PJmax and AllanJ as I will look at the breaker box to verify what is feeding this connection. I can't help but wonder why this was installed, especially if it was done during the rehab process of the home. On top of that, I'm a little bit disappointed it was not brought up in the $480 inspection/report.
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I'm a little bit disappointed it was not brought up in the $480 inspection/report.
That's pretty cheap for an inspection by someone with qualifications, maybe that's why it wasn't in detail and this was missed.

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