Dead GFI receptacle- other outlets on circuit fine


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Dead GFI receptacle- other outlets on circuit fine

A bathroom receptacle suddenly stopped working. It was a GFCI, and resetting it did nothing. No other outlets seem to be affected, no breaker was thrown. I removed the GFCI and measured the voltages (Fluke 175).
With the breaker on:
Hot-GND: 5.6 V
Hot-Neu : 0.9 V
Neu-GND: 4.7 V
With the breaker off:
Hot-GND: 3.9 V
Hot-Neu : 0.6 V
Neu-GND: 3.3 V

Any ideas on what could be wrong/how to fix this?

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Basically with those measurements you are lacking your 120vac hot line.
Did you have your meter set to AC voltage..... not DC voltage ?

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You will need to determine what else is on that circuit. If the problem is not there then it is at the last working device before that one.

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