Determining Specs for Servo & Arduino - Car Customization

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Determining Specs for Servo & Arduino - Car Customization

Hi, this is my first time on this forum. Not sure if this is the right section for my question, but here it goes.

I have a 2012 VW GTI, and I want to install power folding mirrors for the car based on the push of a button. The typical way to do this is to buy aftermarket side mirrors, install a new door wiring harness, and program it with the VCDS (designed to program VW's). However, the cost of the entire bundle is $700+ which is ridiculous, so I decided that I might try to do everything myself and keep the system independent from the other systems in the vehicle.

I'm planning on installing two servo motors, one in each of the side view mirrors (there is some space inside the mirror housing), and wire them to an arduino board that has the PWM limits programmed. I'll be running the wires through the window panel along with the wire for adjusting the power mirrors. The program will be triggered through the press of a button.

I have a few questions before I do this -

1) Will this even work, and be reliable?

2) I've used servos for steering miniature cars, and these servos required 3.3 volts (I think). I'm not too familiar with servos otherwise, and would like suggestions on servos which are compact, but produce enough torque to turn the mirrors.

3) I want to put these on a mini breadboard, wired straight to an open spot in the car's fuse panel, which is feeding it 12V. What do I need to know about feeding 12V to the arduino and the two servos?

4) Is there any better/smarter way to do this, and any important factors I am missing?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Well I'm sure your plan sounds good to you I wouldn't count on it working. The steering server for miniature cars have very little torque because it's not required for that application. On the other hand any type of server used for your mirrors will have to be quite powerful.

A better way to pursue what you want to do may be to buy the correct power folding mirrors for your car and just wire them yourself independent of the car system. Your chances of success will be much higher and it will be much easier.

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