Voltage transformer output question


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Voltage transformer output question

hi All,

got a quick question since I have gave all my AC/DC knowledge back to my high school teacher. for a 1000 Watt voltage transformer, does it mean its output is always at 1000 Watt or depends on the consuming devices plugged in?

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I gave most of my knowledge back to middle school but I'm pretty sure it depends on the load.

If you only had 1 light as your only electric device and it was turned off I don't think your electric meter would move as if it were on.
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It depends on what is connected to the transformer. Max output of the transformer is 1000 watts. You can exceed that but it will cause the transformer to fail sooner or the device not to run properly. Power company generally exceeds their transformer ratings all the time. They run more efficient the closer they are to max load minus losses of course.
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Thanks for the clarification. Tolyn.

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