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main wire from [Electric] pole to roof can electrocute cat on roof?

main wire from [Electric] pole to roof can electrocute cat on roof?


Old 05-25-15, 06:23 PM
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main wire from [Electric] pole to roof can electrocute cat on roof?

my cat likes to hang out on the roof. I saw him sniffing around the wire that connects the main house electric from out telephone pole. Can he get electrocuted if he steps on it or something? thank you

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Old 05-25-15, 07:03 PM
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He shouldn't be able to be electrocuted from touching it. If he is you have bigger problems. If he starts chewing on it on the other hand....
Old 05-25-15, 07:09 PM
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The insulation on the triplex may have cracks in it that would allow the cat to touch a live wire. The bare neutral is grounded so it is possible to come between a hot and a grounded surface.
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That would be the bigger problem I was talking about.
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I am a proud owner of three cats, two males and one female, two of them are indoor cats. They are like my Children and I love them so much. For some reason yes they are fascinated and attracted to cables and wires, whenever I am charging my Laptop, Cellphone, or using an extension cord, even with the power cables behind the TV, etc. whenever they can they snuggle their face and body on the cables, if you move the cable is worse as they will automatically enter in ''hunting mode'' and will pursuit the cable and use their claws to catch it and even bite the cable... anyway, in my scenario there is not a lot of danger involved; however, of course in your case your cat can contact wires that will represent a greater danger.

Therefore, I will suggest that you buy and use a Cat Repellent Spray and safely spray it around the area on the roof that you don't want your cat to be sniffing around. Spray it forming a perimeter around the area.

Sometimes it takes a while and will possibly require to use a lot of repellent, but eventually your cat should loss interest on being sniffing on that particular area of the roof.

Good Luck.

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