Breaker panel cover accident


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Breaker panel cover accident

I almost had a bad accident when taking the cover off a panel.

Before I could get the last screw off the top left corner, the cover slipped from my hand and it swung sideway on that screw. I guess the divider that seperates the breakers on the cover slid across the top of the breakers and turned off about 5 of them.

Im pretty sure they didn't "trip" as they were just in the off position and only had to be switch to on. (Square D homeline).

I know you weren't here when it occurred, but do you think I caused any damage to the breakers that were switched off? Do you think the screw terminals could get loosened from what I describe? What kind of damage should I look for?
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I doubt that any damage occurred.
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I agree with the boss. If you had damaged the breaker(s) the handle(s) would have broken off.
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hey thanks...

that kind of what I was thinking... that a handle could have been broken or I wouldn't be able to reset the breaker(s).

It must not take much force to toggle those breakers or the cover must have really slid across them with force.

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