AC adatper and mA rating question


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AC adatper and mA rating question

I have a tape recorder without the original AC adapter. But, I know the original AC adapter was rated 12V and 600mA.

I have another AC adapter that came with some other device but no longer have that device. The device connector on the cord on this adapterr fits the tape player's power connector. This adapter shows 12V and 1250mA.

Can this adapter safely be used witht the tape player? The voltage specs are the same on the tape player and the AC adapter so that part is not an issue. But, what about the mA factor?

I found one reference which indicates this adapter could be used. See What is does 200 mA stand for on a power supply? Still, that's just one reference and I'd feel more comfortable with some additional confirmation.
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Yes you can use the new adapter. The milliamps (mA) is the maximum current output of the adapter, so as long as you have one that is at least 600mA, it will successfully power the tape player.
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Thanks. I had listed the recorder for sale on, without an AC adapter. Now, I can add the adapter to the listing.

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