cut stud to center electrical box?


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cut stud to center electrical box?

how would i go about moving a 3 gang electrical box on a load bearing wall when its up against studs on both sides?

im being very nit picky its only because the wall plate overlaps the door trim
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Is the wall still open or closed in already ?
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1. Install a new full length stud next to the stud you are thinking of cutting. Then cut the stud in question so you can move the electrical box over the 1-1/2 inches or so.

2. Use a duplex switch to replace two single switches (or two duplexes replacing three singles if you think that looks better) and convert to a two gang box leaving the studs unchanged.
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(assuming a finished wall)
Are you sure there is studs on both sides? That very well may be the case but it seems too coincidental that a 3 gang box fit perfectly between the studs. Perhaps the side furthest from the door frame just has a "wing", or a small piece of 2x4 screwed to the side of it to give some extra stability to the box.
Pop the screws on that side and see if you can stick a driver through the holes and move the 2x4.

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