DIY Shower Repair - Some Advice


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DIY Shower Repair - Some Advice

Members location is UK.

Hi all,
Our electric shower recently made a "popping" noise during use, followed by a odd smell of burning plastic. On opening the shower unit, I have found the following scene:

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From my view it looks like a simple case of the blue wire having become damaged and come away from the circular black object. My knowledge/skill with electronics is amateur at best, but it looks like a simple case of soldering a new wire to the black item and reattaching it to the 4 point electrical joiner (back of the second picture).

Does anyone have any experience in this, or is an electrician and can advise me on whether or not we should bring in an electrician?

Thank you for your time,


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Welcome to the forums. This is primarily a North American forums. We don't have electric showers such as you have. We have hot and cold running water. Hang in there though you may get some advice. We do have point of use electric water heaters for sinks (usually not residential).
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The bigger issue is why that blue wire burned up. Is the unit overheating due to some faulty component drawing too much power? Did it get wet and corroded? Was the wire damaged in manufacturing? Simply replacing the wire will not address the underlying cause. Does the unit have a warranty from the manufacturer? Generally speaking the manufacturer is responsible for wiring inside a sealed appliance and not an electrician whose responsibility ends where the building wiring attaches to the appliance.
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Not trying to be too simplistic, but let me draw your attention to the sticker advising to contact the manufacturer. I am sure they have had it happen before. BUT, never before have I seen an electric water heater inside the confines of a shower.
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never before have I seen an electric water heater inside the confines of a shower.
Apparently, it is a big thing overseas and in some Latin American countries. I have a buddy who mentioned that he got shocked in the shower from one of these death traps when he was in a visiting his son in another country. Just try to get a UL listing on something like that around here. Could you imagine the warning labels you would have to place around the shower.
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I've seen tons of suicide showers in Central America but I've never run into one in Europe. With the reputation that Health and Safety has I'm surprised that they permit such things to exist. But seriously wires don't melt and burn so badly without a reason. I don't think any of us have specific experience with that appliance but I would follow the recommendation to contact the manufacturer. I don't know if a electrician would be able to help much more than calling the manufacturer. They (Triton) may point you to the likely components that failed or need replacing.
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I have never seen or worked on one of these.
But a quick google and it seems this is a common problem with these Triton heaters. One person even posted they called Triton and was told it isn't a reported problem, yet there are quite a few threads on google complaining about it.
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Even if repaired I'd think you would need factory level testing to determine if it was safe.

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